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DietPoint, based out of Mumbai, India, is one of the leading nutritional Diet Clinics for Weight loss, Fat loss, Obesity or Over-weight, Weight gain due to Hyperthyroidism, Weight gain due to Post-pregnancy, Keto Weight loss and weight loss due to Hyperthyroidism & Post-pregnancy, with a range of diet plans, programs and free consultation for Hyperthyroidism.

Our Weight Loss Diet Plans include 5 Kg weight loss, 10 Kg weight loss, 20 Kg weight loss, PCOD / PCOS / Thyroid Management, Diabetes weight loss and Kids weight loss.

Weight Loss – If those extra kilos have become worrisome, you just have to let go off them. At Diet point, we come up with a specialised diet plan for you and tell you exactly how much you should work out in a day to get yourself into a flaunting physique.

Weight gain – People love to look slim and do everything possible to reduce weight, but even losing too much weight can affect our health.

Monic Rajiv Batra -DietPoint - Founder


DietPoint is founded by Monica Rajiv Batra, a leading weight loss and fat loss dietician and nutritionist in India and Singapore. DietPoint is an award-winning weight loss clinic based out of Mumbai, India, with a growing clientele base online from Abu Dhabi, USA, Singapore, UK – London. Monica is a highly qualified nutritionist who is working with thousands of professionals, homemakers, sports and movie celebrities with the same amount of passion and zeal.

Weight Loss/Weight Gain Dietician Online – Monica’s time-tested and proven weight loss and weight gain model online can suit any individual irrespective of his or her lifestyle and dietary habits.  DietPoint ensures any prescribed diet plan for weight loss or weight gain is flexible, adaptable, and easy to start off without resulting in acute hunger pangs.

Monica is also a highly sought after speaker and mentor in several dieting-and health-related platforms.  Her unique approach to weight loss and fat loss management, both online as well as offline, has earned her fast a reputation as an extremely popular weight loss and fat loss dietician and nutritionist online. She is also a regular contributor to many dieting and weight loss management related websites, blogs and forums online.

Fat Loss Nutritionist Online – Losing those extra pounds of accumulated fat around the belly, thigh, arm,  shoulders, and the back can be worrisome and tough at the onset. At DietPoint,  you can naturally lose fat by simply following our instructions online, as our team helps in periodic monitoring, follow-ups, prescribing minor to major changes in dietary habits and lifestyle practises.


DietPoint uses the right weight loss techniques in combination with the right weight loss diet plan and program that helps one to shed off those extra pounds of fat, overweight or obesity systematically.

Fat loss Diet Program

DietPoint ensures fat loss without any supplements. We also advocate intake of healthy fats to prevent weight gain and help you maintain feeling of fullness and satiety.


Hypothyroidism or Low Thyroid weight loss can be due to several factors such as stress, improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, etc. Dietpoint offers the right diet plan and program for weight loss due to Hypothyroidism and Low Thyroid.

Post-pregnancy Weight Loss

 Are you worried that you aren’t able to lose the extra pounds of fats around your tummy post-pregnancy? DietPoint is a cut above the rest in offering the right diet plan for weight gain post-pregnancy. Talk to us for time-tested post-pregnancy weight loss program.

Keto Weight Loss

 DietPoint offers Keto Weight Loss plan for those who tend to raise the fat content of the diet, whilst not lowering the carbs to almost zero.

Weight Loss Diet Plans

 DietPoint offers 5 Kg weight loss, 10 Kg weight loss, 20 Kg weight loss, PCOD / PCOS / Thyroid Management, Diabetes weight loss and Kids weight loss packages depending upon how effectively our clients need to lose weight.

10 Point to choosing DietPoint over others

  • No Rigid Validity (program continued till you reach the target
  • Everyday Follow – up
  • Customized Diet plan considering Medical parameters
  • Maintenance help post Weight loss
  • Exclusive and Easy Recipes
  • Vacation Guide
  • Restaurant Guide
  • Planned Exercise schedule and activity
  • Time-proven weight loss plan
  • Tailored to suit individual needs and available time.

Our Story & Golden rules of DietPoint

It was in November 2014 we consulted an Indian Client in Dubai, and then our team spent almost a year to figure it out to consult clients professionally, the result of which is Diet Point a Complete Online and Digital platform for all your Nutrition and Weight loss needs.With a global clientele of over 6000 and 100% success rate, it’s no secret that DietPoint is hard-working and aims to achieve results. DietPoint is now a team specializing in helping clients with PCOD, Diabetes and Thyroid.

No Validity

Unlike other organizations, DietPoint does not stop once the plan validity is over. Instead it extends till the promised target is achieved. So if one signs up for a 20kg weight loss plan in 3months and does not loose 20 kgs, the plan gets extended and continuous support is provided till the 20 kgs weight loss target is achieved.

Daily Connects

Unlike other organizations who client connect once a week, DietPoint connects with their clients on daily basis. This is to ensure the client is motivated and is on track. It also ensures if the current diet does not meet the client's requirement, it can be modified immediately to guarantee satisfaction.

Global Presence

DietPoint does not have a fixed office serving only to local clientele. Instead DietPoint is online (with a base in India) and offers services globally. It has clients based in India, Singapore, Middle East, UK, Europe.... and diet plans are designed using products available accordingly making it convenient and affordable.


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