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Best Weight Loss Tips (6 Tips) | Lose Fat Within Festival 2020

Hello, Today We Will Discuss About Best Weight Loss Methods That Will Help you to reduce your calories in order to lose fat. These Tips also Contribute to your fat loss schedule.

We all know that these are festival days in India and the delicious and tasty food would surely disturb our healthy schedule and we all need some tips and tricks that will help us to maintain weight or even to lose weight.

For people on a Weight loss / Fat loss journey the months from August to December are slightly difficult From Rakshabandhan then Ganesh Utsav, Navratri then Diwali festivals including Dussehra, Dhan Teras, Bhaiya Dooj, and then Xmas and New year celebrations are not easy to avoid and then poses a risk of weight gain.

Here We need some tips that will guide us to maintain our healthy schedule With enjoying the festivals with Our friends and family members.

If you really want to lose weight In this festival season also, then follow our tips and tricks to lose the fat from your body.

So let’s list out a few pointers to be able to manage our weight during our festivals. In my opinion, if you have been eating healthy regularly you need not worry about Fat loss/ Weight loss.

Top 6 Tips To Weight Loss Within Festivals In 2020

Here we have top tips that will help you to lose weight within the festival season in 2020.

It’s very important to enjoy these festivals and make memories. However, a few pointers are important so that we don’t have health hazards.

You can use the following fat loss tips to maintain your health in festival season 2020:

  • Don’t opt for convenience: make sweets at home

  • Balance your eating in the festival phase

  • Control your mind from not eating too much spicy and oily foods

  • Have a balance between healthy and delicious food.

  • Turn Yourself To Vegans.

Now, Let’s discuss these master tips in detail.

Tip 1. Make Sweets At Home | Lose Weight Naturally

You can lose weight or can maintain your health by making sweets at your home.

There are a lot of benefits of making Sweets at home. Here are a few of them:

  • Making sweets at home help in rebounding with family/kids. You pass these skills to the next generation.

  • Anything made at home is never junk, We use the best of ingredients, thus not affecting our fat loss journey, and also maintain best hygiene practices.

  • Sweets made at home are made in smaller batches that way we will eat less.

These are some of the benefits of homemade sweets in your weight loss and fat loss procedures.

How Homemade Sweets Helps You In Fat Loss?

There are a lot of hazards of bringing sweets from the sweets shop, here are a few of them:

Hazards of Sweets bought from sweet shops which affect your Weight loss/Fat loss and overall health.

  • All the sweets made from the desi ghee are at least 50% Dalda / Vanaspati ghee, which are trans fats and extremely unhealthy.

  • Sweets and namkeens may be made by reheated on the same oil, which becomes hydrogenated and extremely unhealthy.

  • Silver must be 99.9% pure to be used as a food ingredient, thinner aluminum foil may be used on sweets which is extremely unhealthy, your homemade sweets may not look fancy but indeed is healthy.

  • The milk used may be mixed with cornstarch/urea/water to meet demands.

  • The most selling sweets are Kaju and pista rolls, and the most adulterated too as kajus and pistas are expensive so cornstarch is added, paneer is added to compensate the mawa and the rest is flavors. So primarily you disturb your Weight loss/ fat loss by eating adulterated cornstarch and sugar. It becomes imp to make sweets at home with moderate sugar.

  • Sugar is where they add powdered chalk, washing soda, or white sand to powdered sugar. 

  • Milk is a symbol of purity for us Hindus detergent, shampoo, and even paint to the milk to meet the demand.

  • The paneer that is used to make the barfi could have excessive corn starch in place of milk extract. In some cases, harmful chemicals and urea are also mixed in it, paneer is important in all Diwali dinners.

  • Unnecessary colors and preservatives added for shelf life, Make less eat less.

You don’t have to be perfect, we don’t want our Sweets to look fancy like market ones, we want them to look natural, like how your parents made them at home.

Tip 2. Balance Your Eating To Lose Weight

Many people on Weight loss/Fat loss Journeys shift their focus on Random Detox Diets within Diwali. You Can Balance Your Eating To Lose Weight By Using these master tips that I have listed below:

  • Eat mindfully – portion control instead of 4 pieces of sweets eat a piece.

  • If it’s homemade it’s not junk, don’t eat till you are full.

  • Decide wisely for instance Gulaabjamun or rasgulla or jalebi? which is better, now Gulab Jamun and jalebi are first fried and then dipped in sugar syrup however Rasgulas are not fried but dipped in sugar syrup hence Rasgulas are lower in calories compared to 2 other. Similarly, you can decide on almost all sweets.

  • Don’t buy heaps of sweets in one go either, that would only result in leftovers.

By using these tips you can Balance Your Eating To Lose Weight.

Tip 3. Maintain Balance Between Healthy & Spicy Food

The most difficult task is to maintain a balance between healthy & spicy food.

That’s why I have come up with 7 tips to maintain this balance and lose fat. Follow the below guidelines to lose weight:

  • If you have already consumed a high calorie-meal during the day, try to keep the dinner light with soups, salads, buttermilk, and fat-free food. The same goes for sweets and snacks too. Excess consumption of high salty snacks and dry fruits may cause bloating and water retention in the body.

  • Limit the portions to one single piece or one small bowl once a day. If you are offered sweets, just take a single piece. Follow your regular meal timings. 

  • Stay hydrated fresh fruit juices are not good, eat only fruits Is what I generally say, but its Diwali, drink juices  and water to skip colas

  • Don’t skip meals, take a healthy breakfast, Dalia, oats, Parathas /Dosa

  • Another round of party is coming up as X mas and New year  so don’t stop the exercise

  • Take salad before meals party, don’t go to the party hungry, small portion – 15 min rule, less is more culturally our Diwali was never having alcohol till morning hours, foods are not that unhealthy.

  • Avoid heavy gravies, take grilled foods.

Enjoy the Festival, Keep the above points in mind, I am sure it won’t affect your Weight loss / Fat loss schedules.

Tip 4. Turn Yourself As A Vegetarian To Fat Loss?

In the Festival season turning into vegans help You in fat loss.

As you know that animal products are the top contributor to fat in our body and replacing it with plant products will help you to lose fat.

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products and reducing the amount of fat in our diet and replacing it with plant products and healthy food.

Millions of people turn vegan to respect the torture animals go through and other millions turn vegan to lose weight and believe it’s the healthiest diet. So is being Vegan the healthiest option? Let’s figure out.

Well, It depends on where in your weight loss journey you start being vegan, if you fall in the obese or very obese category you can improve your blood parameters like diabetes, BP, and high blood cholesterol, being vegan with an adequate amount of protein vitamins and minerals in the diet it will help you achieve fat loss.

But in case you skip the meat and eat more rice/ wheat / in short Carbohydrates in excess more than vegan protein/pulses you may gain no health benefits and this could be a hindrance in your Weight loss.

Tip 5. Replace Animal Products With Plants Products To Lose Weight

If You are serious to lose weight, then I have some weight loss techniques for you.

You can lose weight by using the following replacements in your diet:

  1. Butter replaced with margarine or plant-based butter

  2. Milk replaced with coconut milk/oats milk is equal in calories and coconut milk is also high in  saturated  fats too,

  3. Ghee replaced with Plant butter

  4. Milk replaced with oats milk coconut milk/almond milk gives You the same more fat and calories hence PORTION control is important to achieve Weight loss/ Fat loss but if you include more vegetable/protein in the long run you may see results.

Most people see Improved Blood Sugar levels, Cholesterol, and also belly fat reducing, Couple Veganism with few exercises and you will be achieving Fat loss/ Weight loss and overall health improvement.

Tip 6. Best Supplements For Weight Loss In 2020

Here are the top 5 supplements for weight loss in 2020.

  • Apart from targeting weight loss/Fat loss being a vegan, you should also care about nutritional deficiencies like b12, Iron, and omega -3.

  • B12 deficiency can lead to depression, memory loss numbness in the extremities, many of the symptoms may appear within being severely deficient. Hence supplementation is important.

  • Iron Supplements especially for women – Many who follow veganism may see iron deficiency especially women as they menstruate too leading to loss of blood.

  • It becomes more important to include good quality protein from pulses /soya/tofu and have a  balanced diet.

  • Omega -3 Can be obtained in the diet through flaxseeds/chia seeds /walnuts and also algae-based omega -3 supplements which are the best replacement for fish oil supplements.

These are some of the supplements to lose fat in 2020.

Steps To Begin For Fat Loss?

You can use these guides to lose fat in your life while the festival season 2020.

Here I have some tips to lose weight that will help you to begin your festivals and help you in fat loss even during Diwali.

  1. Start including more vegetables in every meal. Replace few meals initially, so before u go 4 non-vegan food eat a big salad or a green smoothie so your stomach will be as it is filled.

  2. Join vegan groups or have a vegan buddy for motivation initially

  3. You can motivate other people to lose weight while being a Vegan for Fat loss/ Weight loss you are definitely contributing towards the environment and protecting animals.

You can use these tips to lose weight and can also add this to your weight loss strategy.


Here in this health guide, I have told you a lot of tips to lose weight that you can use within and even during the festival season.

If you are facing any difficulties or health issues during the festivals or want to maintain weight and good health, then you can use these fat loss tips To lose fat from your body.

The supplements may help you to lose fat and that will subsequently contribute to losing weight in your body. These health tips are certified by the health experts and are proven ways to lose weight and also to lose fat from the body.

If You have any health problems during this festival season 2020 and want to lose fat, then you can tell us in the comments.

Thanks for Reading!