Our Packages

5 Kg weight loss package

5 Kg weight loss package is a perfect plan for those who need a basic correction of their lifestyle and eating pattern—achieve that inch loss and get more toned.

10 Kg weight loss

10 Kg weight loss is an absolute plan for people looking for correction in blood parameters through diet and nutrition.

15 kg weight loss plan

15 kg weight loss plan is ideal for people who wish to get down from XXXl to Medium size, besides managing blood parameters like hypothyroidism, BP, diabetes, Cholesterol.

Pcos/Thyroid management

PCOS and hypothyroidism, a hormonal disorder, is not managed only by popping pills but correction at micronutrient levels to get rid of medicines over a period of time.

Diabetes weight loss

Diabetes weight loss package is a special weight loss package if you’re suffering from diabetes. The package cost depends on medical condition. Please contact us for further details.

Diet plan for juniors

We guide kids on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, teach them how they can make their junk healthy, and some habits commencing at the right age that go a long way for a healthy life ahead.