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Diet and Breast feeding

This is in reference to all ladies who are served very heavy meals to improve the quantity and quality of milk for the baby.

One of the wonders of breast milk is that it can meet your baby’s nutritional needs even when you’re not eating perfectly. (However, if your diet is too low in calories or relies on one food group at the exclusion of others, this could affect the quality and quantity of your milk.) but too early depriving yourself can lead to a fatigued mom. When you don’t get the nutrients you need from your diet, your body draws on its reserves, which can eventually become depleted.

Eating small meals with healthy snacks in between – the way you may have done during pregnancy – is a good way to keep your hunger in check and your energy.

The exact amount of clories that you need depends on a number of individual factors, such as your weight, how much exercise you get, how your metabolism works, and how frequently you’re breastfeeding.

But in general, most women who are breastfeeding need about 500 calories more than moms who aren’t.

Plan to take up to a year to get back to your pre-pregnancy took 9 months to gain.

Don’t try to lose weight by dieting until at least two months after your baby is born. A reduced-calorie diet in the first couple of months could sap your energy and diminish your milk supply.

Take extra step to avoid contaminants.if possible …. Go for organic options.

Choose produce that’s in season in your area, and buy local when you can. Produce that travels long distances often have more pesticides.

Choose produce that’s in season in your area, and buy local when you can.

Produce that travels long distances often have more pesticides.

Some fish (especially cold water fish) also contain DHA and EPA, omega-3 fats that play an important role in the brain and eye development that continues during your baby’s first year. (Your baby gets these omega-3s from your breast milk.)

Salmon, shrimp, canned light tuna, lake trout, tilapia, catfish, crab, pollack, and scallop or omega 3 supplemsnts.

Limit alcohol and caffeine

Consider flavors you take

Continue with your vitamins

You don’t require ghee laden stuff. Instead you can shift your focus on healthy snacks and good quality protein.

Tips to convince kids to avoid junk food

Do you feel that your child is obese , or is more in to junk food than healthy options? Here are a few tips to introduce healthy stuff .

1) Make healthy stuff for every one at home :

Only kids should not be dictated about food choices .Lead by example and make them aware that you also like a particular food but don’t allow yourself .

2) Pleasant mealtimes

Try to make mealtimes pleasant with conversation and sharing, not a time for scolding or arguing.

3) Keep the junk out of reach and not easily available .( as if it does not exist at home .

4) Understanding junk : Have a detailed conversation with the kid as to why junk is unhealthy .Make them read labels , Show examples .

5) Make commitment as a team to avoid the junk

6) Find Alternatives

Cravings will undoubtedly occur, so you’ll want to have an arsenal of healthy alternatives to conquer them. When you’re drooling over creamy ice cream, drizzle some honey or mix some peanut butter into chilled yogurt. If you’re craving sweets, snack on a handful of dried fruits. If you miss the salty crunch of potato chips, munch on a few pickles or banana peppers. Just find what works for you —

7) Little junk is allowed : Have cheat days and again together as a team.

7 Simple ways to Increase your water Intake

1) Making it accessible: plan ahead! If you know you’re going to be out and about all day or sitting for forever at a desk, pour yourself a bottle so you’re prepared when thirst strikes.

2) Drinking water all day can get a little boring, so spice it up! Add some fruit to your next glass! or add cucumber . mint extract or leaves It keeps you refreshed all day long.

3) Include buttermilk ,coconut water , vegetable juices ,soups ,dal water throughout in your meal planning .

4) Get sneaky by eating water enriched foods like watermelon or tomatoes- both over 90 percent made of water not to mention delicious and healthy for you!

5) Drink a glass of water before every meal/snack .

6) If you drink coffee or caffeinated beverages, alternate decaffeinated beverage intake .

7) If none of these strike your fancy, set a timer! Depending on how much water you need to intake, you can anticipate needing to drink a glass every other hour.

How not to BINGE at the Foodcourt

1)  Eat your meal before you leave for shopping: Eat your meal as per your diet plan before you leave for sopping to avoid hunger pangs and giving in the most calorie food.

2) Carry fruits and low cal munchies with you : Always place a pack of your low cal munchies allowed .It could be Nuts ,fruits,Granola bars,or popcorn .

3) Drink plenty of water

4) Choose wisely at the food court :

Take a round of all the things available and choose the healthiest . All food courts offer steamed idis/Dhoklas/Dosa s and also healthy juices .Choose wisely.

5) Always order the Mini -version Especially of the high calorie items to be shared among st your folks , this way you can taste it also and not binge too.

6) Look for more of protein and fibre loaded options than starchy options

Tips to feed a PICKY EATER (kid)

Do you experience goose-flesh as the meal timings near ,feeding our toddlers can not only get tedious but annoying at times with the child screaming ,throwing tantrums ,to parents start bribing for finishing meals .

The curious minds of toddlers are always on the go and have a busy lifestyle exploring everything that they can lay their hands on.So sitting still for a meal can be extremely boring and monotonous,Here we try to list down few tips that can be very useful while feeding our kids.

1) Lead by Example :

Never fuss about food in the presence of your toddlers , Children learn what they see( you practice )not what you teach ( read preach ).

2) Cooking with Mom :

Well cooking with kids can be time consuming but fun , they learn the simple facts about food and enjoy the change in the food happening.At times Involving them in the process makes them look at the food in a friendly way ,Moreover they shall enjoy what they make .

3) Respect your Toddlers Decision :

If your child is consistently saying no, Or keeping his mouth shut Or not swallowing at all .Or Spitting Repeatedly Or Turning his head away from the food are signals that he is either full or not in the mood to stick to the timings Do not Coax, Plead or bribe the child to eat more .

4) Eat Together as a family .

Try eating together as much as possible with your child ,The child starts eating a variety of things merely by copying.

5 ) Finger foods .

Offer finger foods to the child while they are on a go and in no mood to sit still.Do not offer snacks pre or post meals .

6) Make the food/meal timings Interesting

a) Eating with friends: Children do enjoy their meals with kids of their age group, learn to share and also eat a variety.

b) Story telling and Eating: Start with stories ,general knowledge example how a mango grows to keep the child glued to the seat .

7 ) Maintain a Food diary

Maintain a food dairy if possible , count every small bite .The dairy helps you know about the child’s likes and dislikes and also will help you know about the nutritional value of his daily intake.

Grow Wheta Grass at home

1) Wheat grass seeds are also called hard winter wheat seed or wheat berries. Buy a bag of seeds online or at a health supply store. Look for organic seeds from a reputable source to make sure the seeds haven’t been treated with pesticides and will grow into healthy, vibrant grass.

2) Take a plastic tray , measure around 2 cups of wheat seeds.

3) Rinse the seeds in cool, clean water using a colander with very small holes or a strainer. Drain them well and put them in a bowl.

4) Soak the seeds. Soaking the seeds initiates germination. By the end of the process, the seeds will have sprouted small roots.

Pour cold water, preferably filtered, into the bowl of seeds. Add about 3 times as much water as you have seeds. Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap and place it on the counter to soak for about 10 hours, or overnight.

5) Drain the water from the seeds and replace it with more cold, filtered water – again, about 3 times as much water as you have seeds. Let it soak for another 10 hours.Repeat the process one more time, for a total of three long soaks.

6)Use pre-moistened compost or potting soil free of By the end of the last soak, the seeds should have sprouted roots. This means they are ready to plant. Drain them and set them aside until you’re ready to plant them.


7)Spread the seeds in an even layer across the top of the compost or potting soil. Lightly press the seeds into the soil, but don’t completely bury them.


8) Water the tray lightly, making sure each seed gets a sprinkle.

9) Cover the tray with a few moistened sheets of newspaper to protect the seedlings.

10) Sprinkle water 2 times a day and make sure the seeds are not dry .After 4-5 days the grass starts growing.Keep the grass in a shady place ( Direct sunlight not advisable )

Wheat Grass Recipes

Wheat grass Recipes


1) Wheat grass sour dip

1/2 cup yogurt

1 tbsp vinegar

2 tbsp chopped wheat grass

pepper and salt to taste


Blend all the ingredients till smooth.Serve with cucumber or carrot salad .

Wheat Grass Juice


1 cup chopped wheatgrass



Using a mortar and pestle crush the whaet grass , keep adding little water and continue with the grinding with hands . Take the juice in a bowl and drain the residue.

3) Wheat grass with Apples


30 ml wheat grass juice

2 Apples


Dec-ore the apple and make a juice , Mix Wheat grass juice and blend.Serve chilled .

4) Wheat grass cleanser


3 carrots

1/2 beetroot

1/2 lemon

30 ml wheat grass juice

mint leaves


Peel the carrot and beet.Pass through a juicer. Now mix the wheat grass juice,Squeeze lemon. Garnish with mint.Serve chilled.

5) Wheat grass Smoothie


1/2 cup water

1 medium orange, peeled and halved

1 medium apple, quartered

4 strawberries, fresh or frozen

1/2 cup of wheatgrass

1 cup ice cubes


Place all the ingredients in your blender and blend for about 1 minute.

Then come back to this website and tell us how it was. Be honest, my taste buds are at stake.