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How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight? – Complete Info

Does warm water help in fat loss?

Many times we have numerous myths about water, sometimes we believe we need to have around 8 glasses of water, but again this may differ from person to person, climatic conditions, diet, lifestyle and so many factors, so the standard rule of 8 glasses doesn’t hold true.

You must have also heard /observed people drinking too much water for weight loss or detox or fat loss.

However none of the above is true, water is a natural component and should not be treated as an agent/commodity for weight loss or fat loss alone. When water is a part of each cell of the body, it’s very essential for us and should be only had considering how much weight loss you need.

In This Post, I Will Tell You About how to drink water for weight loss, And how much water to drink for weight loss.

This Guide will provide You Complete Info Regarding This Topic.

5 Reasons Why Water Is Helpful To Lose Weight

There Are a Lot of Benefits of Drinking More Water to Lose Weight in Your life. Let’s Discuss Some of The Top Benefits of Drinking Water in Your Life:

  • Drinking-Water Can Make You Burn More Calories

  • Drinking-Water Before Meals Can Reduce Appetite

  • Water Helps To Remove Waste From The Body

  • Water Is Necessary To Burn And Reduce Fat

  • Water Helps With Workouts To Lose Weight

These Are Some Of The Benefits Of Drinking Water For Your Health To Lose Weight.

Drinking-Water Can Make You Burn More Calories

This Have Proved By a Lot of Trusted Studies That Drinking More Water Help You To Burn More Calories As Water Is Very Beneficial For Health.

In Adults, Resting Energy Expenditure Has Been Shown To Increase By 24–30% Within 10 Minutes Of Drinking Water And Helped A Lot In Lose Weight.

A Study Was Conducted On An Overweight Women That Had Showed That By Increasing The Water Intake of 1 Litre Per Day Had Decreased Over 2 Kg Of Lose Weight In One Year Period.

Drinking-Water Before Meals Can Reduce Appetite

Drinking More Water Before Meals Can Reduce Appetite.

Some Studies Have Also Proved That Older Adults Have Shown That Drinking Water Have Increased Their Weight Lose In 2 kg (4.4 lbs) In 12-Week Period.

Drinking-Water Before Meals Could Reduce 44% More Weight. You May Have Been Successful In Lose Weight and Get A Fit and Healthy Body.

Water Helps To Remove Waste from the Body

Water Is Known As The Best Waste Removal Product From Body And Keeps Your Body Hygienic And Free From All The Diseases.

It Also Regulates The Body Temperature And Also Stimulates All The Organs And Blood From The Body.

Removal Of Waste Products Also Helps In Preventing The Problems Of Diarrhoea and Indigestion.

Water Is Necessary To Burn and Reduce Fat

Water Is Very Necessary Component If You Want To Reduce the Extra and Undigested As Well As Not Stimulated Fat.

Water Helps The Body To Remove The Extra Fat By The Process Of Excretion And You Can Also Give The Body To Convert The Useful Fat Into The Source Of Energy By Helping Them In Digestion And Remove The Waste Fat From Body At Last.

Master Advice: If You Suffers From the Problem of Gas, Indigestion, Stomach Ache, And Any Other Problem Related To Digestive System, Then You Should Drink As Much Water As You Can.

Water Helps With Workouts to Lose Weight

As You May Also Heard That Exercise And Workout Are The Key To Lose Weight.

Water Also Helps Muscles, Connective Tissues, Joints And All The Parts Of Body To Move Correctly And More Efficiently.

It Also Helps The Lungs, Heart, And Other Organs To Work Effectively During The Exercises. Water Is Also Very Helpful To Increase The Efficiency Of Various Systems Of The Body. Being Hydrated Reduces The Injury, Cramps And Fatigue Risks In The Exercise.

Master Advice: You Should Always Drink Enough Water Before The Workout, After the Exercises, And Even During The Workout To Avoid The Problem of Dehydration.

These Are Top 5 Ways Due To Which Water Is Helpful In Lose Weight.

How much water to drink in a day? – Detailed Guide

This Is A Very Tricky Question That How Much You Should Drink To Reduce Weight?

There Is No Fixed Amount That You Should Drink This Amount Of Fluid In A Day For Each Person.

Some People Needs Less Water Due To Their Lifestyle And Atmosphere, While Some People Needs More Than That Of The Average.

This Could Be Determined By The Following Factors:

Sr. No.

Factor Of Lifestyle

Amount Of Water To Drink


More Activity level

More Water Is Required


More Age

More Water Is Required


Large Body Size

More Water Is Required


High Temperature

More Water Is Required


High Humidity

Less Water Is Required


More Sun Exposure

More Water Is Required

Like This, You Can Adjust Your Water Required Under Different Atmosphere And Outside Situations.

Let’s Discuss How Much Water You Should Drink To Reduce Weight Under Different Internal Body Circumstances.

  • If your Urine color is Dark yellow consistently – you require more water.

  • If your urine is light yellow – you are okay with the water quantity.

  • If your urine is clear – then you can slightly reduce the qty of water as many electrolytes like sodium, potassium is washed away with excess water leading to low BP or nausea or giddiness, and sometimes bloating.

Under these Three conditions Of The Body, You Should Drink Water As I Have Described Above.

How does Water help You In Fat Loss?

  • Many times drinking water may subside your hunger pangs, this is because you were thirsty and not really hungry, thus drinking a glass of water helps, and making this a habit and consistently avoid snacks may lead to fewer snacks.

  • Drinking water-based liquids like soups /low –cal smoothies/ fruit juice /coconut water provides some nutrition and also keeps a person satiated eventually eating lesser calories, if done most days this leads to fat loss or weight loss. However, overdoing water is not a good idea.
  • 2 glasses of water 30-45 minutes before your main meals allow you to eat fewer calories, again when practiced in all meals, over a period of time a person feels to have some fat loss.

  • Water along with the meals dilutes the acids in the digestive systems thus leading to delayed improper digestion; hence water should not be taken in excess trying to eat less for weight loss.

5+ Master Tips to Drink More Water to Remain Fit

Now, I Have Been Discussed That Why You Should Drink Water To Lose Fat.

But Here Are 5+ Master Health Strategies That Will Help You To Drink More Water In Your Lifestyle.

  1. Keep a jar of buttermilk filled at your work desk ensures you are drinking enough water, buttermilk also is very filling and will let you eat fewer or no snacks, leading to fat loss/weight loss.

  2. Including coconut water / jaljeera water/kokum water / green tea helps in adding water to your routine.

  3. Including water elixir is also a great way to add water, take 2 liters of water add a few slices of cucumber, lemon, ginger, and a few mint leaves, the water is very refreshing.

  4. Carry A Water Bottle With You.
  5. Drinking At Least One Glass Of Water With Each Meal

  6. Keep A Glass Of Water Near Your Bed At Night While Sleeping.

These Are Some Of The Master Health Strategies That Will Help You To Drink More Water And Change Your Lifestyle In More Better Way.


In This Health Guide, We Have Discussed That Drinking More Water Helps You a Lot In Lose Weight.

You Can Lose Your Weight and Lose Fat of Your Body by Increasing The Use Of Water In Your Lifestyle.

I Have Also Told You Whether You Should Drink More Water OR Less Water In Specific Conditions Including Some Of The Internal Problems of The Body.

Here We Have Also Discussed The Ways To Increase The Amount of Water In Your Lifestyle.

Tell Me In The Comments That How Much Of The Water You Are Drinking In A Day Currently.

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