Coffee Effects

How to Decide “Which coffee is the best for you “?


Instant coffee or coffee beans

Oh, we all have been attracted to the divine coffee aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans and we all use instant coffee in everyday life . on the travel and on the go .for some of us , coffee is meditation

lets understand the difference between instant coffee and freshly ground coffee health benefits .


instant coffee is brewed and then dried , what remains is small coffee crystals which are used as instant coffee , as instant coffee is processed before being packed it basically just needs to be dissolved in hot water and voila its ready . instant coffee has the same amount of antioxidants as regular coffee , but may be low in caffeine  content compared to the other roasted coffee , also all instant coffees are rich In acrylamide and has around double the amount of it than other roasts , now why is it imp, its important because acrylamide is linked to cancers .yet FDA believes that the amount is small and may not affect humans .


black coffee is the healthiest to drink

adding milk and sugar to the coffee increase calorie with each cup  and decrease immunity with each spoon of sugar ,also milk may block some good benefits of coffee , otherwise coffee is low calorie and has numerous benefits like protecting the heart , alertness and good for nervous system .

So if you are feeling down , grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee , as its packed with antioxidants and definitely very very low in acrylamide , taking a bit of  effort to brew your own cupped is worth it because coffee is not a drink but an emotion




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