How many times have you been advised to follow a specific diet for thyroid?

How many times u have been asked to boycott certain foods just because u have hypothyroidism?

How many times have you been told to stress only on TSH levels to normalize your thyroid function?

As soon as we are suspected to have thyroid we tend to check TSH levels.

This TSH has to be produced in the body in a particular sequence which requires a diet good in quality protein, magnesium, B-12, zinc. A diet complete in all of the above helps maintain the levels of TSH. For normalizing T4 the govt of most countries have made the salt iodized, other sources of t4 are vegetables seafood, grains, dairy products, along with iodine it requires Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C for regular production of t4, for t4 to be active it needs to be converted to t3 for which we require diet rich in selenium.

Hence diagnosed for thyroid and solely relying on a high dosage of medicines but not paying heed to the root nutrition required by the body only leads to an increase in dosage of the medication, Along with the medication it is vital to take notice of what you eat.

You will realize if you are not correcting the nutrients you’re giving to the body, TSH produced will never be sufficient, and so the dose of medications only keeps increasing.

To conclude we need a diet balanced in:
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin A
Goitrogens – certain foods hinder thyroid function if taken in exceedingly high quantities, however banning/boycotting these foods deprives us of the nutrients they provide. Hence they should not be completely prohibited but can be had in reasonable quantity and portion. These foods are vegetables like cabbage /cauliflower/Brussels sprouts/strawberries/kale/soybeans /spinach etc.

Reduce or withdraw the usage of plastic.
The BPA found in plastic, can affect thyroid function. It is ideal to sift to steel or glass containers/bottles.

Stress: Have you ever pondered that in spite of govt making salt iodized, the number of thyroid patients just keeps increasing?  One of the hidden cause is stress.  In this fast-paced life stress which triggers hormones like cortisol is responsible to lower the thyroid function over a period of time. It becomes almost mandatory to exercise and meditate at least 3 times a week to provide our body the cool-off period required to keep stress at bay.

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