DietPoint’s Keto Weight Loss Diet Plan & Program

If you are looking to lose weight, in a few days then the attempt is not only wrong but also injurious to health Any weight loss plan should be aimed at losing weight for a long and extended period of time .Regulating lifestyle habits as such suits your daily regimen and routine is the key to healthy sustainable weight loss.

What Ketogenic or Keto Weight Loss Diet?

Coming to Ketogenic or Keto, it is a diet with carbs less than 20gm a day that means an apple has more carbs and should not be taken while on keto, so extremely low carb a higher percentage of fat and moderate protein content is the highlight of the diet. Many a times people just tend to increase the fat content of the diet, not lowering the carbs to almost zero, well in such cases a person enjoys the best of both worlds and definitely doesn’t reap benefits.

What to watch out for Ketogenic or Keto Weight Loss Diet?

What goes wrong with many people is ‘sustainability ofthe diet, you may follow a high fat diet for a couple of days attain the stage of ketosis (this stage is responsible for fat loss) but give in a cheat meal of carbs, now that way the person has eaten high fat too and consumed carbs too, if you total everything, it turns out more calories.

Though there are many researches supporting keto diet and benefits, there an equal number against keto highlighting the cons more than pros. Keto can be expensive for some, and for others it can be a way of life. For some this diet makes them feel energetic, for others the initial symptoms of dizziness, nauseate feeling, fatigue and headaches don’t seem to subside even in the long run.

Keto also is not a go ahead to eat uncontrollably and skipping exercises. A person looking to go keto should weigh all pros and cons, as every individual is different and different health goals and present health conditions.