Manage your hormones with seeds -1

Manage your hormones with seeds

We all women know how PCOS affects our lives–from body pain to irritation to mental and physical fatigue–apart from a healthy lifestyle and exercise seeds cycling is a traditional method to keep hormonal balance. So, what is seed cycling? It involves using flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame–white til in rotation as per your menstrual cycle or periods.

This method also helps and comforts PMS and perimenopause symptoms, helps in amenorrhea-absence of period,  helps in fertility, and helps regulate progesterone and estrogen levels. It involves eating flax seeds and pumpkin seeds during the first, follicular phase (Days 1-14) of your cycle when your period starts. You consume a combo of sesame seeds and sunflower seeds during the second, luteal phase (Days 14-28), or after ovulation.

Manage your hormones with seeds -2

It’s more likely you will gain weight when your hormones aren’t balanced than when they are. Additionally, if you’re too low in body fat, you may gain weight, but this is necessary to regain your cycle.

When healthcare practitioners ask to avoid fats, it is primarily to ask you to avoid trans fats, excessive refined oils, packed foods, deep-fried foods, excess cheeses, and mayonnaise as they cause inflammation. Healthy fats derived from plant sources such as seeds and avocado helps insulate us, protect the vital organs, and serve many more functions like helping proteins to do their job. Therefore, to conclude, take fats in your diet but be aware of the source, like eating peanuts, seeds, avocado all–are healthy sources–whereas mayonnaise, butter, cheeses, and refined oils cause harm.