A metabolic disorder with no exact cause and no exact cure, but affects one in 5 women, PCOD is spreading its wings and affecting more women in this fast-paced life.

PCOD is characterized with irregular menstrual cycle, facial hair, acne weight gain, hence most women are on the heavier side of the weight leading to further metabolic disruption like diabetes and infertility.

However in many women, the symptoms may not be prominent and hence PCOD may remain unrecognized for a long time, A sonography may show the presence of small cysts in the ovaries.

Managing PCOD with weight loss, and healthy eating is a way to keep other metabolic disorders at bay.

A modest weight loss of a couple of pounds reduces insulin resistance by almost fifty percent and can regulate ovulation leading to regular cycles.

We, at DietPoint, track your blood parameters, body weight, food tracking, natural remedies all Online through our Online PCOD management plans.

With regular guidance on managing insulin levels through regular monitoring foods and exercise schedules, the ability of insulin to function normally leads to weight loss and regulation of symptoms in a better way.

Infertility or difficulty in conceiving is a symptom generally found in women with PCOD, it is ideal to gain health and lose weight before conceiving to ensure a smooth pregnancy. At Diet Point, we ensure you lose weight and build health to carry on with the pregnancy with the ideal dose of nutrients required without gaining excess again during pregnancy. With the inclusion of healthy fats and seed cycling, we ensure all the gain happening to be healthy to an optimal gain of baby’s weight, optimal and not excess. All of this combined in our PCOD and Pregnancy plans completely Online.

It’s hard to explain to someone who has no clue. It’s a daily struggle being in pain or feeling sick on the inside while you look fine outside. End PCOS with Diet point’s Online PCOD management plans.