DietPoint’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Shed Post pregnancy weight gain

Retrieving and regaining health post pregnancy and not only weight loss is vital post pregnancy Are you worried and feel sad how the celebrities are able to exercise just within days of delivering a baby, do u also feel the peer pressure to emulate the celebs? If the answer is yes, don’t be bothered, breast feeding your baby will burn 500-700 calories a day, which you may not be able to burn even after 1 hour of gym activities, utilize that one hour for sleeping/relaxing because are definitely sleep deprived. In short, take it easy.

Let’s uncomplicate things: Here is a list of things to get started:

Think of a practical and sensible approach

Post pregnancy, a woman needs great deal of time to regulate the routine of day today activities and to modify her sleep patterns and baby’s well being. As mentioned above even breast feeding the baby will help you burn calories that you may not be able to otherwise, hence exhausting yourself only leaves you fatigued and leads to binge-eating .

Don’t-start a FAD diet 

post pregnancy commencing diets which promote bare subsistence on NO account work .They only leave you drained and debilitated.

Don’t go overboard with ghee preparations

Ghee is definitely a super food , from keeping a new mom warm to providing healthy fats and sufficient energy; ghee does it all except it being high on calories.

Select food items discreetly

Post pregnancy the mom needs to heal, choose food items high in good biological value protein, proteins repress hunger and keeps you full for prolonged time.

Make fibrous foods your friend

Fiber is a key ingredient in promoting belly fat loss, as it suppresses hunger and keep the satiety levels high.

Keep away from Instant packed food

low fat version of any food items is generally substituted with sugar to make it taste good. Packed and instant food is high in salt and sugar, low in fibre and generally higher in calories.

Start with low Impact exercises

Post pregnancy including the pregnancy period a woman hasn’t exercised for months, hence commencing exercise all at once may lead to sprains. Start with brisk walks for a minimum of 3 times a week .

Stay Away from Vices

Smoking and alcohol is a complete No-No post pregnancy, excess alcohol in the body can also get in the breast milk fed to the baby.

To Conclude

post pregnancy weight loss is vital but requires a holistic approach with DietPoint to reach a desired weight.