DietPoint – Success Stories

Neha Malvia

Neha is one achiever who handles a Corporate job , manages her household and bringing her up daughter , Moreover she thought of going in for Mrs India Contest and within 6 weeks we saw a transformation.

Dhanesh Badlani

Are you on business tours always ?? Outside meals have led to weight gain ? leading to health disorders ? Meet Mr Dhanesh Badlani who didn’t miss a single tour , nor does he misses the FAT now.

Puja Mayura

Puja is an budding entrepneur with 2 kids , obesity running very high in the family , she was worried will it really be possible for her to do it .But she did it ..not only her self she has reffered her family to Diet point

Dolly Bajwa

Dolly Bajwa was reffered to us by a physician to lose weight as she couldnot even walk a few minutes without getting breathless after all the medical intervention and keeping a tab on her daily , dolly could run a “ MARATHON “ by the end of the program .

Dr Pradnya

Dr Pradnya is a gyneacogist by profession , manages the house 2 kids and abrupt patient calls to hospital , DR pradnya was also breast feeding her child during the course of the weight loss plans Hats off to the lady for pulling it up and making us proud .

Ms Anchal

Ms Anchal had joined us after she delivered a baby her only and the most important concern was no compromise on breast milk/childs nutrition But Ms aanchal aren’t we trained to do so , Being a Nutritionist at diet point our first and foremost priorty was no compromise on childs nutrition and therefore we went really slow with her weight loss Mind u we don’t charge extra for extra months taken to see results .

Priya Rajani

Mrs Priya Rajani took almost 3 to 4 months to decide whether she should join or not Online plan ??? what is it??her family wondered .Finally when she finished her program in 3 months and lighter by almost 15 kg …she could not digest that She took longer to DECIDE than the time taken for Weight loss 😀

All is well that’s Ends Well .Isn’t it


They say, “You cant.”
I say, “I can.”
They say, “You won’t.”
I say, “I will.”
This is a story of every PCOD women trying to lose weight. It was the same with this young lady who was staying at a PG accommodation struggling to lose weight and improve her hormonal profile.


The only place where SUCESS comes before work is DICTIONATORY. Dr Ashwini , Who finished ten kg weight loss with us


“Fit by forty” was Nikita Kaul’s motto. She started with little steps and now running marathons, changing her fitness levels altogether.

Big Changes Start with small steps .

Garima Arora-London


If you haven’t been eating healthy in the Lockdown, not having enough time was just an excuse. Here is Garima Arora from London, managing it all, kids, work from home, and healthy eating.
Take Charge . Start Today .


All is well that’s ends well. Isn’t it?

Working on you is the best thing to do is what Dr Nilakshi, a Senior surgeon, believed. And Abracadabra! She was totally committed towards the program, the results are evident.


A brand is No longer a brand,what we tell the consumer it is ,It is what consumers tell each other.

This is the story of Diet point Clients referred are generally by word of mouth , same was the case with Tanvi shah who finished kg weight loss smoothly.



Hetal Chandan is a lady who had tried two very huge, renowned brands for weight loss. She was of the opinion that at Diet point too she will not lose her weight  with her hard earned money yet again, as with PCOD, Thyroid, it’s been a decade with no results. However, we assured her that we WON’T STOP THE PLAN till she reaches her goals. Yes, it took extra time but at NO EXTRA COST, Ms.Chandan was pleased to see her results. A satisfied Client is all we desire!


Farida, based out of Kuwait, didn’t only lost her weight but controlled her Diabetes  and also got her Thyroid levels in control.

After shedding 10kg of weight , there is a still long way to go, but im sure we will achieve it together!


We all hear  women suffering from Arthiritis, Cholesterol, Thyroid and Pcod, but only few take charge. Meet Ms.Chandan who took charge to finally treat all medical issues  from and got rid of immovability and is able to move freely .




Most women end up having a huge tummy even after pregnancy. Same was the case with Triveni Uday, from Abudhabi. All her all efforts with DietPoint have paid up.



Dhanya Abudhabi DietPoint Customer


Success comes to those who step out of the comfort zone. So did Ms.Dhanya. Inspite of restrictions on exercises due to medical reasons, Ms. Dhanya Kept going . So can you.



Ummehaney Tinwala


Ummehaney Tinwala was referred to us by her friend, who has lost 15 kg with us. While joining she was worried about that being a working woman, how will she organize things, and manage diet.
Last few months she has traveled, managed ceremonies and weddings in the family, and here she is after 20kg of weight loss.


Dr. Talat Khan


“Losing weight is not my thing,” said Talat. Many of us say feel this way. But deep down, we definitely wish to be healthy. At times, we are just scared of stepping out of our comfort zone. The same happened with Dr.Talat Khan a renowned pathologist by profession, but as she started she completed the entire program with great zeal and determination.


Harinder UAE


Slow and steady wins the race is the right saying for Ms.Harinder, our client from Abudhabi. When others complete a 10kg weight loss plan In 3 months, Harinder took 5 months but what worked is consistency and being persistent. When you start slow, you tend to change your lifestyle gradually. You will lose weight slowly, but your weight loss will be healthy and sustainable.


Rahul UK


 Yes, everyone has those days when they give. Plus, initially, you will be less inclined to eat healthily, and your body will be sore due to exercising. But that’s OK. In fact, every once in a while you should eat 500 calories more than the calories prescribed in your diet chart. This prevents the metabolic rate from plateauing. Moreover, it becomes worse with thyroid as in Ashwini’s case, though Rahul achieved weight loss faster. We went slow with Ashwini as she was nursing her child too.


Geetha DietPoint customer


The remarkable transformation of Geetha from UAE through DietPoint proven weightloss system.




The only person standing between you and your better version is you! Creepy but true and better version doesn’t have to be always how you look but what you feel, Ms. Bharti opted for no weight loss plan. Yes, she wasn’t keen on weight loss, but she focused on better blood parameters readings and two months of healthy eating dropped her medications and improved her blood profile.
ss system.




We women can come up with countless excuses to escape workout and eating junk. Feeling tired, got my periods, just one more bite, ice cream to beat the blues! These are just a few excuses women use to get over their guilty feelings and justify their frequent slip-ups. C’mon, you are way stronger than these excuses. You have achieved so much; you manage everything, you take care of others. Now it is time to take care of yourself. Be strong, take a step forward like Kshma Asim.


Leena Mankar


Many people ask me which diet will you be giving. But I (Monica of DietPoint) reinforce little changes that lead a healthy way of life. And that’s the best way to lose weight, live fit, stay young, and be more efficient. Incorporate a healthy lifestyle gradually so that it’s a smooth transition. This will soon become a habit and transform into a healthy lifestyle over a period. This soon was true for Leena Mankar who was referred to us by Dr.Mankar.


Kanu Garg


A doctor by profession, A home maker and a mother, her only concern-how will she manage dieting. But as said earlier, MULTITASKING is a woman’s forte. If she can do, so can you.


Megha Vig


When it comes to losing weight your will power is most important. If it breaks too soon, you will not be able to lose weight. It is tough to endure pain and mental dissatisfaction, but that lasts only a few days. But then you have to train your brain to stay focused and determined. You will develop this skill gradually. It will take time but will give you results in all aspects of your life, not just weight loss, that is what we could learn from this teenager. Thanks, Ms.Megha for joining DietPoint.


Lalima Sudharshan


Our client who lost 10kgs without trying too hard in 4 months.


Ruhina Vietnam


When you start working out or eating healthy, it will be difficult to adhere to it. But even more difficult for someone like Ruhinaa from Vietnam who is also suffering from fibromyalgia. But as you keep doing it you will be ready for more complex challenges. You will build mental and physical strength for the upcoming obstacles.




Whenever we are stressed, we reach out for a cup of ice cream, chocolates, cakes, pastries, and what not! Stress leads to emotional eating, and we tend to overeat, which ultimately leads to weight gain. When you eat healthily, you will kick the triggers of the stress out of the window. Be it stress at work or stress of handling 2 newborns as in Uma’s case, taking stress is not going to help you!




If you just think that you have to shed pounds but do nothing about it, you are never going to lose weight. Always write down your goals and give yourself a deadline. Stock your refrigerator with healthy foods, throw out the unhealthy ones. Start getting physically active.




We have all done it. Tried different diets, joined new and better gyms, experimented with alternative methods of losing weight. But the main drawback is that we expect results too soon without staying 100% committed. And then again we start over with a new diet plan and a new gym. This process tires you out, robs you of your confidence, and is a demotivator, but this time was the last time for Roopak and Shweta, where Roopak got rid of his high blood sugar and Shwetha corrected her PCOD.


Shelly Noronha


Don’t be too hard on yourself if you couldn’t adhere to your healthy routine today. Tomorrow is a new day and a new chance. Appreciate how much you have achieved and how far you have come. It is OK to skip the gym or have a hearty meal once in a while and yes shelly actually didn’t leave her cheat meals .




The remarkable transformation of AAMIN SATI through DietPoint guarantee weight loss system.



Busy Corporate professionals, Shruti and Nikhil Dhariwal, are true foodies by heart. Being Marwaris, traditional rajasthani high calorie meals are a part of everyday routine. However, Shruti and Nikhil took every family gathering and everyday meals in their stride .