The Protective Coffee


Coffee is love for many, for others it’s like meditation, like all good things in life; do remember to do coffee in moderation, excess coffee has its own side effects.

Let’s list out some good effects of coffees.

Coffee helps in protecting the heart

A good quality roasted coffee is house of antioxidants and poly phenols ,which works at the cellular and DNA level to revive you , in  particular chlorogenic acid in coffee helps in curbing cravings too.


Poly phenols are strong antioxidants, these signal a lot of cellular functions and growth, they help fighting inflammation that comes with aging, it helps brain function by maintaining cognition and researchers found it to be lowering cancer risk too.

Coffee and optimum brain function.

Green coffees in particular are neuroprotective, hence researchers have found better cognitive functions and also delayed symptoms of Alzheimer’s and memory loss.


Coffee lowers cancer risk.

Researchers have found  risk of female cancers ovary and breast to almost half in females doing two to three cups of coffee a day , these effects are due to host of flavonoids and poly phenols in green coffee .


So the next time you are feeling a slump or need to focus on that important task don’t shy to do a coffee

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